Main Products

As one of the most trusted and dependable OEM factories, we have been supplying various types of LVT products to the leading brands in the USA and Europe.


The PVC flooring’s absorbency leads to an exceptional sound reduction (19 dB). The sound of footsteps is reduced and transferred to a lower degree. Finesse offers high underfoot comfort because of the integrated underlay.


As this flooring is water-resistant, it is easy to take care of using a wet mop just like a tiled floor. Finesse flooring also has unprecedented abrasion resistance that can withstand damage from fallen objects.

100% FLAT

With Finesse the underlay is integrated in the product. This allows easy installation and ensures that slightly uneven surfaces are compensated. The hard flooring hides any trace of the old substrate (such as tile grooves). Finesse waterproof flooring can be installed on different surfaces (tiles, boards or cement).